Die Zehn Arten des Rauschens short series 4.4


Uploaded on archive.org

4.4.1: Fire:

4.4.2: Station:

4.4.3: Running Feet:

4.4.4: Trees Noise:

4.4.5: Tent and Rain:

4.4.6: Overlord and Plane:

4.4.7: M├Ądchen in Uniform vs. Train:

4.4.8: RAF vs. Ruine:

4.4.9: SWSDG vs. Noise:

4.4.10: Ausweitung der Kampfzone vs. Noise:

4.4.11: SOMV vs. Klangschale: KIKI vs. Schnatatat v1: KIKI vs. Schnatatat v2:


Die Zehn Arten des Rauschens 3.0 + 3.1-short-series

dzadr-t3k04-wp-com Unter archive.org zu finden

3.0.1: Plane

3.0.2: Truck

3.0.3: Electricity

3.0.4: Train

3.0.5: Train 2:

3.0.6: Train 3:

3.0.7: Train 4:

3.0.8: Moving Stairs:

3.0.9: Pics:

Und die Serie 3.1:

3.1.0: Bell:

3.1.1: Truck:

3.1.2: Train:

3.1.3: Grill&She:

3.1.4: Plain&Ele:

3.1.5: Train:

die zehn Arten des Rauschens v. 2c1

the second long hour of dzadr is uploaded. an audio-arrangement between incident and coincident, accident and aim. titled “die zehn Arten des Rauschens v. 2.c.1”

you can find under archive.org. (prod.2013 by t3k04; stereo, 59 min.)

the next version of “die zehn Arten des Rauschens” is already in growing, hopefully constantly growing longer it will be broadcasted and later got uploaded.